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帝企鹅宝宝的生命轮回之旅 Snow Chick - A Penguin's Tale海报/剧照欣赏
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    帝企鹅宝宝的生命轮回之旅 Snow Chick - A Penguin's Tale

  • 状态:高清
  • 导演:约翰·唐纳 
  • 主演:凯特·温丝莱特 
  • 分类:纪录片
  • 年份:2015 
  • 地区:英国 
  • 语言:英语 
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【电影观看小贴士】:[TS/TC:枪版非清晰] [DVD:普通清晰版] [720P:高清版] [1080P:超清版] [BD:蓝光原盘] - 字幕下载请百度

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帝企鹅宝宝的生命轮回之旅 Snow Chick - A Penguin's Tale剧情介绍

    Featuring both emperor penguins and the characterful and now famous Adélie penguins, Snow Chick will tell the story of an emperor penguin chick growing up in the coldest place on Earth in the middle of the Antarctic winter. Focussing on the vulnerable and charismatic penguin chick, the film will follow his adventures from the time he emerges from the egg to the moment he leaves for the sea as a boisterous adolescent. 
      As a tiny baby the chick has to endure temperatures of minus 60 degrees Celsius and terrifying blizzards, while his parents have to take turns walking 50 miles across the ice to the sea to catch food to keep their chicks alive. Every stage of his early life is a struggle for survival against incredible odds, and just when he is growing confident and learning to stand on his own two feet his world is turned upside down by the arrival of Adélie penguins. 
      These feisty little characters are just half his size but they act like they own the place – and as the emperor chicks are now occupying their summer breeding grounds the Adélies’ want them gone and they must fight for their very survival.

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